About JAWA

Many moons ago I started brewing Kombucha in my family kitchen, my children would stare for hours at the strange alien creature I had trapped (aka scoby). As providers we are forever searching for the best diet we can offer and in Todays climate this can be very challenging. The world is forever changing and its easy to lose your way, thankfully we are becoming more universal, we’re educating ourselves better than ever about the pro’s and con’s in our diet, we’re reaching out and discovering our forgotten ways.The first time I tried Kombucha I was immediately hooked, I loved the raw taste and natural effervescence, and given all the health benefits it soon took up residents in my home. I started brewing for myself, and then for family, and then my friends, it was taking over, I couldn’t brew enough of the stuff.

I then realised, the booch needed to get out, it wanted to be found, people wanted to join in and share the health benefits, and thats when I decided to start Jawa Kombucha. We believe Kombucha should be available to everyone, easy to source healthy alternatives to drinks high in sugar and caffeine that dominate our world today and with our dedication and passion we would like to share our delicious Kombucha with you.