Starting out as a fictional brand, a logo on the now infamous T-shirt, jackpot was never really supposed to exist. But then Rupert Leigh (Founder) thought, why not start making the peanut butter? It took off.

The recipe came from the love of traditional US peanut butter, importing neighbourhood peanut butter grinding machines from Nebraska, giving jackpot peanut butter its trade-mark kibble, those little nutty bits, running through each pot.

Sourcing premium U.S. runner peanuts from cooperatives in Georgia and the Virginias for a naturally sweeter flavour, jackpot is an all-natural roasted peanut butter, a little salt and rapeseed oil, no sugar and absolutely no palm oil.

Our purpose is to bring you the best product in a way that makes a difference, which means responsibly made and sourced, being transparent and honest. At the same time we want to benefit our communities, accomplishing positive change together.

Our social mission is to grow and strengthen grassroots music culture by supporting The Music Venue Trust. Environmentally we are pioneering a new closed loop re-usable packaging concept, designing out waste in the process. jackpot is a launch brand for the first ever LOOP platform in the UK by TerraCycle, in partnership with Tesco.

jackpot currently offers authentic American peanut butter; original, with wasabi, raspberry, roasted chestnut and CBD varieties, all made in the UK. jackpot also offers apparel, sweatshirts and T-shirts.

once you go jack, you never go back!